Why Should I Get a Spring Heating Oil Tank Fill?

Heating Oil Tank

As days get warmer and longer, many of our customers find themselves using their furnace less and less. While you might think that means you no longer need to worry about heating oil or your heating oil tank, that isn’t the case. A spring heating oil tank fill should be included in your spring cleaning and maintenance tasks. If you leave your fuel oil tank low or empty during the spring and summer, damaging condensation can form and lead to problems in the fall when you turn things on again. To avoid these problems in the fall, Tevis energy delivers spring fuel oil fills throughout the Maryland and Pennsylvania areas.

When Does Condensation Form in a Heating Oil Tank?

Temperatures start to fluctuate from cold to hot in the spring and summer, which draws moisture from the air inside of your fuel oil tank. That moisture sits on the walls of the tank and accumulates over time. When a heating oil tank is in direct sunlight or not indoors, the formation of condensation will naturally occur. However, a spring fuel oil tank fill is the best way to limit the chance of it. When your heating oil tank is full, there is more oil, less moist air, and less surface area for the condensation to form.

How Does Condensation Damage My Heating Oil Tank?

Water is denser than heating oil, so water droplets will gather at the bottom of your fuel tank. Inside of the water, tiny microorganisms will form, multiply, and become sediment as they die off. Over a period of weeks, that sediment will build up and can clog your fuel lines or burner nozzle. While Tevis Energy’s high-quality heating oil is designed to never clog a nozzle, on older systems or those without maintenance, it can still occur. Sediment can also rust your fuel oil tank from the inside out, as it is highly corrosive. A spring heating oil tank fill reduces the risk of sediment ever forming in the first place.

How Can Tevis Energy Protect My Tank During a Spring Heating Oil Fill?

Our fuels are clean burning and high quality to cut down on bacterial growth and the formation of sediment. Tevis Energy wants to protect your heating oil tank now and in the future, which is why we complete spring fuel oil fills for all of our automatic delivery customers and use only the best fuel.

Complete Your Spring Heating Oil Tank Fill with Tevis Energy

If you are out of heating oil and need to request a delivery, contact us today online or by calling (410) 876-6800Click here to learn more about our 24/7 Emergency Service.  Tevis Energy is proud to be a family-owned and operated business reliably serving communities throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania with safe, clean-burning diesel and heating oil at a competitive price.

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