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image of crude oil drums used to refine #2 heating oil

What Is #2 Heating Oil?

June 7, 2021

The winter season means getting a tune-up for the boiler or furnace and stocking up on home heating oil for many throughout the eastern United States. However, there are several different types of heating oil, each having its own unique characteristics and applications. In this article, we discuss some of the most common ones.

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image of a heating oil boiler

Interesting Things to Know About Home Heating Oil

May 24, 2021

Although the cold weather is behind us, it is always important to find ways to make your home heating as efficient as possible. After all, heating systems take up almost 42% of your home’s energy costs. Therefore, choosing the right type of fuel is vital. In this article, we discuss 16 heating oil facts.

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image of efficiency depicting air conditioner and home efficiency

Check For Air Leaks Now Before The Hot Weather Arrives

May 17, 2021

When there are air leaks or drafts in your home, cool air escapes outside and hot air makes its way inside. Therefore, you will pay more than necessary on your energy bills each month. In this article, we discuss how to find air leaks to achieve more of an energy-efficient home.

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heating oil tank

What Size Oil Tank Do I Need?

May 10, 2021

If you need to replace your old heating tank for one or more reasons, you need to consider a few things before first. For example, heating oil tank size should be an important factor. It should be an adequate size for the space it needs to heat. In this article, we discuss oil tank sizes.

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big small sign depicting hvac size

Why Does Air Conditioner Sizing Matter?

May 3, 2021

When the time comes for an air conditioner replacement, many people are tempted to get a similar model to the one they already have. Other people may opt for an air conditioner that is too large or too small. However, the best option is to consider multiple factors to find the best size for your home.

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heating oil tank gauge

How Do I Know If I Am Out of Heating Oil?

April 26, 2021

Homeowners that use will call oil delivery will need to call their oil supplier when their tank is about 30% full. So, they will need to make it a point to check the fuel level in the tank regularly. With that said, it is important to know how to read their oil tank gauge.

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image of key and lock depicting heating oil price plans

Lock-In Heating Oil Price: Too Good to Be True?

April 19, 2021

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your home heating costs, especially true when it comes to using heating oil for your home. One aspect that many oil heat consumers question is whether or not a lock in heating oil price is the best route to take. In this article, we discuss this in further detail.

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image of a boiler room and vent pipes

Signs Your Oil Boiler Needs Servicing Or Replacing

April 12, 2021

Boilers that are not functioning properly will display a slew of issues. For example, heating costs will escalate or the home will experience uneven heating. Some boilers might fail to heat the home at all. This article discusses some signs that suggest you need to have your boiler repaired or replaced by a professional.

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house in summer that uses heating oil

Why Is Summer The Best Time To Buy Heating Oil?

April 5, 2021

Heating oil is primarily used during the winter season. Hence, the demand for heating oil is at its peak throughout the country at this time. However, have you thought of filling up your tank during the off-season? Read on to find out why summer is the best time to buy heating oil.

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