Residential Fuel Oil Delivery & Products

Tevis Energy offers the best quality and most trusted residential fuel oil delivery services and products to customers in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Have peace of mind knowing that you can count on Tevis Energy for all your local fuel oil delivery and fuel storage tank needs.

At Tevis Energy, we believe in providing the best quality fuel. You can count on our home heating oil to be comfortable, clean, energy-efficient, and affordable.

We are also proud to deliver EcoPlus heating oil with every fuel delivery, at no added cost! EcoPlus oil heat is the perfect choice to meet your needs and it is environmentally friendly.

Family at home with full tank of heating oil

Oil Delivery

oil delivery in MD and PA

Tevis Energy delivers heating oil to homes and residences in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Click the button below to learn more about our dependable, affordable, automatic home heating oil delivery services.

Budget Program

oil budget program

Learn more about how to equalize your home heating expenses and turn them into a consistent, affordable cost. Our Budget Program makes your monthly financial budget easy to manage and predict!

Price Protection

price protection program

Take advantage of Tevis Energy's oil price protection program. This minimizes your costs when oil prices skyrocket during the heating season. And, you still get the benefit of lower prices when the market goes down!

Fuel Oil Tank Protection

Rest easy, knowing that your home heating oil storage tank is fully protected with the Tevis Energy oil tank protection program.

It is imperative that your home's oil tank is in good operating condition. This includes having the proper oil fill & vent pipes, eliminating oil leaks, and having a tank that ensures the clean storage for your home's heating oil. However, oil tanks do deteriorate over time.

Take advantage of our tank protection program to minimize your cost and risk.

new oil tank

Trust Tevis Energy For All Your Fuel Oil Delivery & Storage Needs

Tevis Energy's Heating Oil Delivery Services

Our oil delivery drivers are dedicated to delivering your home's heating oil, regardless of the conditions. Mother Nature can dish out freezing rain and snow, but our drivers will still deliver fuel oil to your home! You can count on Tevis Energy for best-in-class oil delivery services and products.

Contact us today to have all of your residential fuel oil delivery or product questions answered. Call (410) 876-6800 or complete the form below.

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