Why Use Propane For Your Standby Generator?

While searching for a standby generator, you may realize that different fuels can be used to power whole-house generators. One option is to use propane as your standby generator’s fuel source, allowing you to enjoy several benefits, including cost savings, power supply reliability, and environmental friendliness. Several compelling reasons make it the perfect fuel for your standby generator. Keep reading to learn why a propane standby generator is the best choice for your home.

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Why Opt For A Propane Standby Generator?

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This article discusses how propane standby generators operate and why they are more advantageous to use than other types of fuels.

How Propane Whole-House Generators Work

Propane generators use propane to generate electrical power. This process starts in the fuel supply linked to a propane storage tank via a fuel line. The tank stores propane gas under pressure, so you have a continuous and reliable fuel supply.

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Automatic Transfer Switch

An automatic transfer switch, or ATS, detects when a power outage occurs and sends a signal to the generator to start. The electric starter or recoil start mechanism will ignite the generator’s engine. When the engine is operational, the storage tank releases propane gas injected directly into the combustion chamber or mixed with the air in the carburetor. The mixture is ignited, and this combustion process generates expanding gasses that drive the engine’s piston and produce a rotational motion.

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Converting Mechanical Energy Into Electrical Energy

The rotational motion is transferred to a generator head, a stator, or an alternator, which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Alternators have a rotor and stationary stator windings, creating electricity that is then circulated through the outlets or a transfer switch. This way, it can power different electrical appliances, devices, or even an entire home or building when there’s a power outage. 

Propane generators are a dependable and efficient solution when you need backup power. This is all thanks to the clean-burning properties and availability of propane.

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7 Advantages of Using Propane for Your On-demand Generator

Here are seven benefits you receive when you use propane-powered standby generators:

1. Propane Offers Reliable Availability

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The availability of propane is a significant advantage as it stems from an extensive network of suppliers spanning many regions. This guarantees a dependable and consistent fuel supply, even during natural disasters or emergencies. Propane can be accessed regardless of location when you need it the most. The reliability of propane makes it a great choice as a fuel source for standby generators, as it lets you maintain crucial electricity during critical periods. Whether it is due to severe weather or a power outage, propane’s consistent availability ensures that your backup generator stays operational. Hence, you have the power needed to have a safe and comfortable home.

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2. Longer Shelf Life

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Propane has an indefinite shelf life, which is one of its remarkable advantages as a fuel for standby generators. Other fuel types tend to degrade as time passes, making them unusable. However, propane will not spoil and stay stable for an extended time. Therefore, you can store propane for longer without worrying about its quality deteriorating. You can be sure that propane will be ready to use when needed, whether you want to use it sparingly over prolonged periods or as backup fuel for emergencies. Propane is a practical and convenient fuel option for standby generators because you can store it for a long duration without worrying about degradation. As a result, you have a reliable power source when you need it.

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3. Clean-Burning

Propane offers significant advantages to the environment as it is a clean-burning fuel. Unlike other fuel types, propane generates lower emissions when burned, lowering its environmental effect. Its cleaner burning process enhances air quality because propane emits fewer hazardous pollutants and particulates. You contribute to reducing air pollution and promoting a healthier environment when you choose propane to power your standby generator. It is an environmentally responsible option that is in line with achieving a sustainable and greener future. Propane also gives you peace of mind that your reliable power supply also helps prioritize the Earth’s well-being.

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4. Efficient and Dependable

Propane-powered standby generators are known to be exceptionally reliable and efficient. This means propane completely combusts, which maximizes the energy output. This efficiency leads to consistent and stable power production, ensuring your backup generator operates reliably when needed. Propane’s efficient combustion also translates to less fuel waste and lower overall fuel usage. This aids in optimizing the operational expenses of running the generator while also helping your fuel supply to last longer during emergencies or prolonged outages. The efficiency and dependability of propane-powered generators make them a practical and trustworthy option for reliable backup power solutions.

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5. Cost-effective

Propane is financially advantageous because its costs are more stable compared to other fuel types. Fuel price fluctuations can affect the cost of operating a standby generator. The good news is that propane’s stability offers price predictability, so you can budget fuel costs accordingly. Propane generators also need less maintenance than generators powered by other fuel types. Propane’s clean-burning properties mean reduced deposits and carbon accumulation, so upkeep tasks like cleaning or changing spark plugs can be done less often. Lower maintenance needs mean that propane standby generators help save time and money. Therefore, propane is a cost-effective fuel supply option for your standby generator.

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6. Easy to Operate

Propane standby generators are easy to operate, making them the ideal backup power solutions. Your propane standby generator will start running as soon as the power goes out.

Generators using other fuels as a power source may encounter problems that result in developing carbon deposits. This can then lead to several issues, including smoking, over-fueling, rough running, and sputtering.

Generators that utilize other fuels are infamous for having difficulty starting when there are low temperatures. This is not an issue when you have a propane-powered generator; you only need to enjoy its reliability and ease.

Unlike other fuel types, propane generators also need minimal upkeep. They don’t require fuel stabilization or regular refueling. Propane has clean combustion, so it has fewer emissions and maintenance needs. Propane standby generators are also user-friendly, making them an accessible and stress-free option for homeowners who want reliable backup power in case of emergencies or outages.

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7. Reduced Risk of Fuel Theft

Propane storage tanks are designed to be secure, providing better protection from theft than above-ground tanks that store diesel or gasoline. Propane tanks are usually harder to access, so they are less likely to become targets for potential theft or unauthorized access. Propane storage tanks also have sturdy construction and specialized features, like secure locking mechanisms, that further restrict unauthorized usage. This extra security level offers peace of mind because you can be sure your propane is stored safely, and there is a reduced risk of fuel theft or tampering. Choosing propane to power your standby generator helps protect your fuel so it is available when you need it. As a result, there are fewer chances of disruptions or losses.


Several reasons prove that it is a smart choice to have propane power your standby generator. Consult a reliable HVAC company to ensure you make the most informed decision and that your tank and system are properly installed and maintained. HVAC experts are experts when it comes to choosing the correct propane generator. They can guide you through the process, as well as provide useful advice on installation, safety steps, and maintenance.

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