How Do I Know If I Am Out of Heating Oil?

heating oil tank gauge

For your vehicle to run smoothly, it is very important to ensure that it always has gas. If you make the mistake of running the vehicle on fumes, this can result in severe damage. It is therefore necessary to refill the fuel tank every time you notice that it is almost empty. The same principle applies to a home heating system.

Most heating units make use of heating oil to keep your house warm, comfy, and safe during those cold winter months. It is important to always check your heating oil tank because if you run out of fuel, you will have to wait until more fuel is delivered; in the meantime, you will not have any source of heat. So, make it a point that you check the fuel level in the tank on a regular basis.

Before checking the fuel level, it is important for you to know how to read oil tank gauge. That way, it will be easy to know the right time to schedule the next fuel delivery.

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How do You Know When My Heating Oil Is Running Out?

The following tips should assist you to measure the amount of oil in your tank.

1. Read The Heating Oil Tank Gauge

The clear glass or plastic cylinder that you will find above the heating oil tank is called the gauge. Every tank is designed with a gauge on the top. It has marks that are similar to the ones you will find on a vehicle’s fuel gauge. It basically shows you the level of fuel in the tank; whether it is empty, partially full or it’s completely full.

It is important to note that just because the gauge says the tank is empty isn’t necessarily an indication that there’s not even a drop of oil inside the tank. Chances are that there is still a little bit of oil inside the tank; enough to fuel your heating unit for a while, providing you set the thermostat at temperatures that are reasonable. Always make it a point that you contact the oil delivery company before the tank is totally empty. To prevent the complete depletion of the oil, it is recommended that you call the delivery company each time the tank gets to the 30 percent full mark.

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2. Take A Look At The Inside Of The Tank

image of an oil tank gauge and alarm

If your oil tank’s gauge is broken or faulty, you can do a manual inspection of the tank. All you have to do is to turn the cap that is at the top part of the oil tank until it dislodges. After you have removed the cap, make certain that you place it somewhere that is safe and where you can easily grab it once you have completed the inspection.

To make sure that you carry out the inspection correctly, make use of a flashlight to check inside the oil tank. As long as you see some oil, it means that there is a certain amount of oil inside. But, if you notice that there is just sludge and some other solids in the tank, it is an indication that you are almost out of oil; the stuff that you are seeing is simply fuel residue together with debris in the form of rust and dirt. If there is fuel residue left, contact the oil delivery company right away.

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3. Make Use Of A Dipstick To Find Out The Tank’s Fuel Level

If you notice that there is some liquid in the tank and you want to determine the exact amount of fuel oil that is left, simply take a dipstick and stick it inside your oil tank until it gets to the bottom. The stick must be four feet long on average. A long and thin broomstick or some other measuring tool will suffice. Leave it inside for a couple of seconds before pulling it out and letting the extra oil drip off. Make sure that you have a pencil so that you can put a mark on the top of the oil mark. If the mark is extremely low, it means that you are almost out of fuel.


4. For Underground Oil Tanks Make Use Of A Long Wire

There are homeowners who have oil tanks that are located underground. If your tank is underground, it means that a dipstick will not work. Instead, you can make use of a long wire that is at least six feet long. Opt for a wire that you can easily bend. Simply stick the long wire into the pipe opening and push it until it gets to the bottom. When you pull it out, it should have some red-colored liquid up to a certain level. If you pull it out and there is no liquid at all, call the oil delivery company immediately.

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Check the levels of your heating oil on a regular basis to make sure that you do not run out of oil. Ensuring that your oil is delivered timely at all times will result in winters that are not only adequately warm but also stress-free.

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