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boiler setting for central heating

What Is The Best Temperature To Set Your Heating Oil Boiler At?

February 14, 2022

Determining the best central heating oil boiler temperature can be quite a challenge. Your boiler settings can significantly vary from other households. It helps to know the central heating boiler type you have when looking for the best boiler temperature. Read on to find out the recommendations to achieve efficient home heating.

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image of a homeowner feeling chilly due to running out of heating oil

The Best Ways To Prevent Running Out Of Heating Fuel This Winter

February 7, 2022

Even the most responsible homeowners can run out of fuel when they need it most. Oil tanks typically get lost in the commotion during the winter season, when having a full oil tank is crucial. Read this post to explore how to prevent accidentally running out of fuel this season.

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image of efficiency vs cost depicting new oil hvac systems

New Efficient Oil Heating Systems Increase Comfort And Decrease Fuel Use

January 24, 2022

Now is an excellent time for a heating system upgrade. New oil systems are, by far, outperforming old models. They offer impressive levels of efficiency and comfort. They provide more heat while using less fuel, enabling homeowners to experience a significant decrease in energy costs. This article discusses some of the advantages of new oil-heat systems.

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efficiency rating depicting energy efficient heating system

What Are 3 Ways You Can Tell If Your Heater Is Energy Efficient?

January 17, 2022

Your home’s heating system is crucial in enhancing indoor comfort during the cold season. The right heating system is energy-efficient, durable, and has a quiet operation. This article discusses three ways to determine if you have an energy-efficient heater. This article also includes tips on how to improve your heating system’s efficiency.

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house with power at night during a power outage and backup generator

How Does A Generator Work?

January 10, 2022

Power failures happen for several reasons, leaving many homes vulnerable until the power comes back on. To avoid this, some homeowners use whole-house generators. Others have to wait until power is restored. One common question we are asked is, “How does a generator work?”. Read on to explore the answer to this question.

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image of a propane furnace

Propane Tips All Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

January 3, 2022

Also known as liquefied petroleum gas or LPG, propane is a dependable, stable, and affordable fuel source. However, it is still flammable and can result in poisoning or burns if it isn’t handled correctly. Learn more about the safety precautions you should take with propane so that you and your family remain safe.

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image of person adjusting thermostat to turn on furnace

What Is The Best Temperature For A Home In The Winter?

December 20, 2021

Having a comfortable home during the winter is something everyone wants to achieve. To make this possible, you need to decide the best temperature for your heater in winter. This article shares some factors to consider when looking for the ideal temperature setting for your home during the cold season.

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image of family enjoying holidays and home heating in winter

Warm Up to These Holiday Heating Tips

December 20, 2021

The holidays are a perfect time to catch up with family and friends. If you plan to host a party this year, it’s a good idea to create an environment that is comfortable and encourages relaxation. This article shares some holiday heating tips to help ensure your home is a welcoming and warm shelter.

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homeowner saving money due to low home heating bills

7 Ways To Save Money With Increasing Global Energy Costs

December 9, 2021

Heating and cooling account for over half the annual energy consumption of a home. Therefore, it makes sense to address these areas to minimize energy expenses. In this article, we discuss how to reduce your heating oil costs. Likewise, we offer additional approaches to make your home more energy-efficient and, therefore, more affordable.

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