What Is the Most Efficient Heating Source in Extreme Cold?

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Do you remember the freezing cold temperatures during the polar vortexes in 2018 and 2019? This weather phenomenon creates extreme cold temperatures that make it difficult to heat a home. What is the most efficient heating source when your town is experiencing periods of extreme cold?

What Is Extreme Cold?

In January 2019, a massive polar vortex affected much of the east coast of North America. In Chicago, temperatures dropped to -45 degrees, which made the city briefly colder than Antarctica! On top of being dangerous for spending time outside, a polar vortex or extreme cold can also make it dangerous to be inside. Many homeowners rely on heat pumps to keep their homes comfortable, which means that, during extreme cold, the auxiliary heat will be used. Auxiliary heat is much more costly to rely on during a vortex, which cost some customers thousands of dollars.

Why Is Heating Oil an Efficient Heating Source in Extreme Cold?

Heating oil is regarded as an efficient heating source, and when using quality fuels like ours, are significantly better for the environment and your wallet than many other types of heating solutions. Many of the myths about oil heat revolve around outdated information about the cleanliness of modern fuels or the inefficiency of outdated home heating equipment. Because heating oil burns hotter than natural gas, it will heat your home in a fraction of the time. And because we only use quality fuels fortified with EcoPlus, a maintained system will use less fuel to do so. Beyond the efficiency of the fuel itself, oil furnaces also burn hotter and therefore create less condensation. This also extends the life of the furnace. In general, heat pumps last 6-10 years, gas furnaces last 12-15 years while oil furnaces can last 30 or more years with proper maintenance!

Will Home Heating Oil Freeze?

Tevis Energy uses high-quality home heating oil that is designed to last through the coolest fall nights and the most frigid winter mornings during periods of extreme cold. We fortify our EcoPlus fuel year-round to prevent the gelling process from occurring and ensure that our heating oil can be used to keep your home warm.

Our sister company, Modern Comfort Systems, can also assist you with recommending alterations to your heating system set-up, tank configurations, and maintenance. All of which are vital to maintaining excellent efficiency.

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