Tips from Your Local Home Heating Oil Supplier

Heating Tips

Get the Most from Your Heating Oil Delivery – Tips From a Supplier

Heating oil is one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat a home, and heating oil delivery from Tevis Energy makes it easy to stay comfortable during the winter. How can you make the most of every delivery this year? Here are our best tips for keeping your home warm without breaking the bank.

Conserving Heat
• Before the winter begins, schedule regular maintenance for your oil furnace system to ensure maximum efficiency.
• Open your blinds and drapes when the sun is up and close them when the sun is down to take advantage of free heat from the sun.
• Turn your thermostat off when you leave the house and program it to automatically turn down while you’re asleep. In general, you save 2% on your energy bill for every 8 hours your thermostat is a degree lower than normal.
• Wrap pipes to prevent freezing and burst pipes.
• Check the weatherstripping on your windows and look for gaps underneath your doors. Have additional weatherstripping installed, or use a bottom seal to prevent cold air from coming inside.
• Remove or cover window air conditioning units.
• Close doors, particularly closet and attic doors, when the attached room isn’t in use.
• Keep registers and radiators dusted and well-maintained to get the most out of your.

Get the Most from Your Heating Oil
• Choose a local home heating oil supplier like Tevis Energy, that only sells quality ecofriendly heating oil. Quality fuels burn cleaner and longer than cheap fuel. They also reduce wear on a heating system.
• If your heating system is more than two decades old, consider replacing it for a more energy-efficient model. Modern furnaces and boilers can immediately cut your energy costs up to 15%.
• Install additional insulation on your exterior walls, in your attic, or in other areas of the home that experience drafts.
• Do you have storm windows? Always close the outer portion during the cold months to enjoy less chill without losing visibility.

Trust Your Local Home Heating Oil Supplier

To get more information about heating oil rates or schedule your heating oil delivery, contact us today online or by calling (410) 876-6800. Tevis Energy is proud to be a family-owned and operated business serving communities throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania with safe, clean-burning heating oil.

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