Stable Oil Prices Expected This Winter

Stable Oil Prices

We love it when our customers are warm, comfortable and saving money! And if analyst predictions are correct, we are cautiously optimistic that we will see another season of stable heating oil prices!

This season, the National Weather Service is observing ocean and atmospheric conditions that reflect “enso-neutral” conditions. If these conditions persist or strengthen, above-normal temperatures are predicted across the U.S. this winter. For us, that may mean another season where we use less heating oil than normal.
Combined with stable oil prices, we are hopeful that our heating oil customers will experience another “wallet-friendly” winter!

Either way, we always encourage customers to conserve, prepare, and communicate.

And while we expect heating oil prices to remain stable, you may use more oil than you did last season. Therefore, our message this year remains unchanged: conserve, prepare, communicate.
CONSERVE: Reduce your energy consumption wherever possible!
PREPARE: Take advantage of our Monthly Payment Plan.
COMMUNICATE: Call us if you are having difficulties. We will work with you to develop a solution that keeps you warm.

Tevis Energy looks forward to serving all of you again this heating oil season!