Does a service plan for your oil furnace or heating system make sense?

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Heating Oil continues to be a great way to heat your home in Maryland, especially when heating oil prices are as low as they are. And what a RELEIF low heating oil prices are, especially when you consider the high cost of converting an oil-heat system to a gas or electric heat system! Experts agree that it rarely makes economic sense to convert a perfectly good oil-heat system with a gas heating system or electric heating system, such as a heat pump. And as explained in our blog, oil heat system emissions compare very favorably with gas emissions, especially when using Bioheat renewable heating oil. Therefore it doesn’t necessarily make environmental sense either to convert from oil to gas or electricity either. This should motivate Maryland heating oil consumers to give their oil-heat systems the care they really deserve!

And because ALL heating systems require regular maintenance, you may be wondering if an oil service plan is a smart investment. The short answer is, yes! A service plan for your oil heating system is one of the most economical ways to keep your oil heating system running a peak efficiency, lower energy costs, and prolong the life of your system.

In addition to savings on repairs and replacement, oil heat systems covered by a service plan generally use less heating oil and last longer than those without coverage. Why? Because service plans include an annual oil tune-up, and a good tune-up will reduce energy consumption by keeping your system operating at peak efficiency. Annual tune-ups also help catch small system problems before they become big problems. As a result, heating costs are reduced, and the life of your oil heat system is prolonged, saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the life of your heating oil system!

(Air Conditioning Service Plans are also available and offer similar benefits.)

What can you expect from a good home heating oil system service plan?

Here’s what Tevis Energy customers receive with each home heating and cooling service system plan:

Priority service

A qualified technician will respond to your request and get to you within hours of your no-heat or repair call.

More coverage

Our service plans cover more parts, as well as your all-important annual system tune-up!

Guaranteed 24 / 7 emergency service

Our phone lines are available 24-hours 7-days a week to provide you caring and knowledgeable service at any hour, in any weather.

Plans for all types of heating and cooling systems

No matter how old or how new your system is, we have a plan for you.

Combination plans for multiple systems

Have more than one system? That’s not a problem. We have plans to protect all your heating and cooling system equipment. Now that’s peace of mind!

Tevis Energy protects your home with a choice of two service plans:

Total Care

As the name implies, this plan covers your home heating and cooling system’s service needs completely. It includes an annual tune-up and 100% of covered repairs for worry-free living.

Comfort Care

This service plan includes an annual tune-up and a 15% discount on repairs. Call us for a complete list of covered repairs.

Tevis Energy service plans are priced competitively and provide fast, professional service. We’re locally owned and ready to serve you — 24/7.

All heating oil is not the same! To learn more about what makes Tevis Heating Oil truly better, please watch our fuel quality video.

Locally-owned and always competitively priced, Tevis Energy is the company thousands of homeowners TRUST for their home heating oil delivery in Baltimore County MD, Carroll County MD, Howard County MD, as well as Adams County PA and York County PA.

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