Is your heating oil budget ready for some humdinger snow storms?

Snow Shovel

According to the weekend Baltimore Sun headline – Experts foresee a harsh winter. While El Nino whips up record setting storms for the California and the Gulf Coast, Maryland faces a different kind of hazard this winter — heavy snow – with what meteorologist Dan Hoffman calls some humdinger–type storms possible. The National Weather Service’s Baltimore/Washington forecast office says this season’s El Nino appears likely to be one of the strongest in a generation, likening it to the winters of 1982-83 and 1997-98.

Does anybody remember shoveling 45” of snow in back-to-back storms during February of 2010? And that was just a moderate El Nino!

That kind of weather can wreak havoc with your heating oil budget — if you don’t plan ahead.

What can you do?

Because Tevis Energy cares about your comfort, we offer a Monthly Payment Option, which eliminates high and unpredictable delivery bills by dividing your estimated winter heating oil costs into equal monthly payments. Including your annual fuel costs and individual service plans, your monthly payment is flexible and can be fully customized to your particular preferences. It even earns interest on credit balances! (Currently 1% APR.) Often referred to as a “budget plan,” nothing works better to take the worry out of an El Nino “humdinger” of a winter!

How does it work?

Number of payments:

The standard plan starts in July and runs for eleven months, but you may also start any time and/or make fewer payments.

Payment amount:

Tevis will suggest a monthly payment amount based on your estimated fuel deliveries. And we can work with you to adjust your payment amount if things change throughout the season. We’re here to help you provide a comfortable home for your family. Just give us a call!

Payment methods:

Automatic payments – You may set up your monthly payments to pay automatically via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by credit card using our secure online payment page . You can pay by phone via check or credit card (Call 410-876-6800) Or simply by mailing a check.

Add an equipment service plan:

Just ask us to roll the cost into your monthly payment! (Learn more about Service Plans.)

TLC Price Protection Enrollment in the Monthly Payment Plan and Automatic Delivery makes home heating oil customers eligible to participate in the TLC Price Protection plan.

Tevis accepts MasterCard, VISA, and Discover credit card.

Of course, you can always use Tevis’s Will Call Delivery for ordering your home heating oil when you want it. Just make the call when you’re low on heating oil and you’ll get your delivery the next-day or sooner! (75 gallon minimum) Note that weekends and holidays are excluded, and in the event of inclement weather, your delivery may be slightly delayed, so plan ahead. We will do everything we can to deliver as quickly as possible!

This year’s stream of moisture flowing in from the Pacific guarantees one element of a snowy winter. The other — cold air — can be a matter of luck. Why take a chance?

Predicting the weather is by no means a perfect science yet. But whatever weather comes our way, you can rest assured that Tevis Energy will be there for you! We are always working with its customers to make sure they receive timely home heating oil deliveries at the most competitive prices in the area.

Tevis Energy proudly serves homes and businesses with heating fuel and services in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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