Does Diesel Fuel Quality Matter?


Of course it does! Poor-quality fuel can lead to equipment problems that affect your operations and your
profitability. Fuel storage tanks exposed to extreme temperature changes form condensation, which leads to bacteria. Inferior fuel products can lead to erosion of heavy machinery, causing equipment to malfunction and break down. It can also cause frequent fuel filter changes, which means longer durations of production downtime. Additionally, poor-quality fuels are linked to lower gas mileage.

About Our Fuel

Your vehicles and heavy equipment are critical to your operations. Whether they run on diesel or
gasoline, you need a fuel supplier you can trust for a quality fuel product. That’s why we go above and beyond to protect and enhance your fuel supply by adding ECOPro to every diesel delivery. ECOPro is provided in every diesel delivery we make at no additional cost to you!

ECOPro contains these properties to help your valuable equipment perform better and last longer!

• Detergent – removes and prevents engine and tank deposits that can harm equipment.
• Water dispersant – prevents condensation and bacteria from building inside your tanks.
• Corrosion inhibitor – protects costly fuel systems and injectors from rust and corrosion.
• Lubricity agent – improves fuel economy and helps slow the process of normal wear-and-tear.
• Cetane improver – helps with cold-starts and improves fuel economy.
• Anti-gel agent – added seasonally to prevent fuel from gelling in the winter.

Commercial Fuel Services

Tevis offers two types of fuel delivery: Storage Tank Fueling and Fleet Fueling.

Storage Tank Fueling means having the fuel on-premise when you need it. Tevis can deliver fuel to tanks at your location. Tevis Energy will work with you to understand your fueling needs and establish a delivery schedule that ensures the tanks at your site have ample product to meet your operating needs. Our team of professionals takes special care to provide fuel delivery service that consistently meets your expectations and operational requirements. Need a fuel storage tank? We have those, too!

Fleet Fueling is delivered directly to the vehicles or heavy equipment at your location. Our Fleet Fueling services are customized to increase team productivity by ensuring all your equipment is fueled and ready to roll before their day begins. We customize our deliveries to your operational requirements, and our drivers take meticulous care to ensure that fuel is safely and precisely delivered to each vehicle.

Tevis Energy has been serving fuel oil needs to farms and businesses in the region since 1932. For a no obligation free estimate on fuel services call (410) 876-6800.