Honoring Employee Longevity


Without question, at Tevis, our greatest asset is our people.  Like silver and gold, our junior and senior employees each bring enormous value to our close-knit company.  New employees bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm, while tenured employees’ experience keep us from straying away from our core principles and methods.  This combination keeps our company moving forward in our service to customers, while maintaining a level of consistency that our customers need and expect.


Celebrating 20 or more years:

Jack (45), Diane (32), Tim (24), Edie (33), Alan (38), Shawn (25), Steve (31), Ed (36)

Celebrating 10-19 years:

Debra (14), Barry (14), Alayne (15), Jason (13), Paige (10), Tom (10), Peggie (12), Kitty (16), Amber (10)

Celebrating 5-9 years:

Brad (15), Cara (5), Marie (8), Stephanie (6), Dwayne (9)

And because it’s impossible to get everyone together for a photo, below are additional employees celebrating anniversaries of 5 years or more in 2018:

Eusebio (7 yrs), Craig (26 yrs), Larry (29 yrs), Heidi (15 yrs)

Employees retiring in 2018

Even though it’s hard to say goodbye, we extend a huge thank you to each of the people below for making Tevis Energy a great company to work for and do business with.


Of all the great things that came out of Wilhelm Energy’s merger with Tevis, Ginny is among the BEST of the best! Ginny began working at Wilhelm Energy in 1966 and already had 30 years of industry expertise when the merger took place in 1996! And at the time of her retirement in November 2016, she had over 50 years of continuous service.  For that reason, Ginny was our go-to person for many things, including our customer database and software system. Dale Wilhelm recalls, “Ginny was dedicated, arriving early and staying late when needed. And regardless of weather, snow or ice she was at her desk and always ready to help.” Besides being an all-around cheerful and helpful person, Ginny is a Raven’s fan and likes to travel with family and friends!


Retiring after 39 years, Karen came to Tevis when we merged with Rittenhouse Energy in 2014.  Karen was hired by Ward Rittenhouse in 1979 and has faithfully served customers from our Hereford office ever since.  Well-known for her cheerful personality, Karen established strong bonds with her customers.  In fact, many made a special trip to the Hereford office just to do business with Karen in person.  And if they called instead, it’s very possible she knew them just by the sound of their voice.  For this reason, and so many more, we will all miss Karen very much!  In retirement, Karen plans to visit out-of-state family, including her grandchildren!


In the 3 or so years Ken worked for Tevis / Rittenhouse as a seasonal driver, his kind demeanor quickly made him one of our customers’ favorite drivers.  Ken was also part of the Hurricane Irma relief team that drove down to Florida in September 2017 to help deliver fuel to communities in need.  Ken has been married to his wife, Susan, for 39 years.  He loves outdoor activities including hiking and biking, and plays in a local band in Timonium!  Thank you, Ken for your service, and enjoy doing all the things you love!

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