Achieving New Goals To Better Serve Customers

Truck Service

A week before the first day of winter, Tevis Energy challenged team members to meet an incredible new goal: Deliver 150,000 gallons of heating oil in one day. The goal was created, in part, to prepare customers for influx use over the Holidays, and allow team members more time with their families between Christmas and New Year’s. The new goal also served as a way to execute a spontaneous training exercise to measure success in meeting higher than usual customer demands.

This time last year, the country experienced weeks of severe cold temperatures created by a polar vortex that taxed the resources of heating oil suppliers across most of North America. The call volume was so high, some heating oil suppliers turned off their phones, as trying to meet demands of customers was simply too great. While Tevis Energy was not perfect, we were able to meet our customers needs. We also recognized room for improvement in handling higher than normal delivery volume scenarios. In the 9 months following last heating oil season the company revisited scenarios and worked on bettering emergency relief effort situations.

To give perspective to the set goal set for employees, on our busiest day during the frigid temperatures last year, Tevis Energy delivered 125,000 gallons of heating fuel oil in a day.

On December 21, 2018, in the pouring rain; 40 Drivers made 1093 deliveries, logging 4029 miles and delivered an astounding 155,000 gallons exceeding the set goal by 5,000 gallons!

The delivery challenge event was covered on social media throughout 11 counties in 2 states by team members from 6 divisions. The hash tags #werehere, #allin, and #teamworkmakesthedreamwork were employed to track delivery locations to both internal and external customers throughout the day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Jack Tevis, Owner of Tevis Energy, was 1 of 5 honorary helpers in the field pulling hoses, pumping fuel gallons, and talking to customers throughout the day. The experience served as a practical reminder to managers of the experiences and situations drivers endure while on the road. When the temperatures drop and the rain turns to snow, Tevis Energy is #allin2019 and ready to serve our heating oil customers!

Tevis Energy is an oil and energy supplier that serves Adams, York, Dauphin, Franklin and Fulton counties in Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Carroll, eastern Frederick, Howard, Anne Arundel and Harford counties in Maryland. Bulk and commercial fuel deliveries are available from Harrisburg, Pa, to Franklin county, Pa, south to Prince Georges County Maryland. For information about our services, contact us.