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Switch To Paperless Billing and Autopay & Save...

Receive a .XX¢ per gallon discount off the retail 30-day price...

New and existing customers that sign up for paperless billing, as well as auto-pay, receive a .XX¢ per gallon discount off the retail 30-day price for as long as they are a customer and maintain automatic delivery and auto-pay status.

paperless billing

But that's not all!

Switching to AutoPay and Paperless Billing with Tevis Energy not only offers you savings on fuel but also unlocks additional discounts on services or your next central heating or cooling installation with our sister company, Modern Comfort.

Complete the form on this page to enroll in our paperless billing with autopay to unlock your extra savings offer.

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*Some limitations apply. Only available to customers on automatic oil delivery with Tevis Energy.