What Are Degree Days?

Degree Days

When thinking about how much energy your home uses, one of the terms you will encounter is degree days. The degree day calculation is a representation of how cold or hot the weather is on any given day. The colder that it is outside, the higher that the degree day value is. What are degree days, and how do they affect your heating oil delivery?

What Are Degree Days?

Your automatic heating oil delivery is based on two factors, the heating degree day and the K-factor. These two calculations determine when you will need another delivery and also offer insight into how the experts at Tevis Energy anticipate your needs. We start the degree days calculation by checking the average historical temperature for that date in your area. Next, we compare it to the mean temperature of 65 degrees. The difference between the mean temperature and that day’s temperature represents the degree days value. The colder that it is, the more heating oil we will anticipate you needing.

What is the K-factor, or the other part of our automatic delivery calculation? It represents the capacity of your tank minus the reserve value in the event of inclement weather or an emergency. We will divide the degree days value between your deliveries by the amount of heating oil that your tank can hold and create the K-factor. The higher that the K-factor is, the more fuel that is utilized.

How Do We Know When to Deliver Heating Oil?

Through the combination of degree days and your customized K-factor, we can anticipate the needs of every automatic delivery customer. Some homes use heating oil at a faster rate and rely on more frequent deliveries, while others are more conservative and use less.

How Can You Use Degree Days to Be More Efficient?

If you are interested in getting the most out of your heating oil or seeing how much of a difference your investments in energy efficiency have saved you, explore the Degree Days website. You can see how your heating oil usage has changed over time with degree day values for valuable insight into how you’re doing!

Heating Oil Delivery from Tevis Energy

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