Heating Oil Tank Maintenance Tips


Oil Tank Maintenance Extends Tank Life

Oil tank maintenance is pretty simple and helps prolong the life of your tank.  A lot is riding on the condition of your oil tank and maintenance is important! If it goes out of service, so does your home heating system. An annual maintenance for your home heating oil system along with your heating storage tank is an investment in safety, comfort, and worry-free living. Done by a professional, it can save you a big repair bill if an issue is discovered early.

But there are some oil tank maintenance steps you can do yourself.


If your oil tank is above ground, whether outdoors or inside your basement or garage, give it a good look-over periodically. Look at the tank, fuel delivery and vent lines, valves, supply and return lines and all the fittings. Check underneath each of these, too, for evidence of oil or rust accumulation that may indicate a leak or malfunction.

Below ground heating oil tanks are more difficult to inspect, but they too should be checked periodically. Inspect the site above a buried tank for any signs of oil leakage or rust accumulation as well.


Check your above-ground oil tank support legs for signs of rusting, settling or cracking. All above-ground tanks should be placed on a stable surface, preferably on a concrete pad sitting on compacted earth. If the legs rust out, concrete cracks or the ground gets soft, the tank can fall over and leak. Indoor heating oil tanks should be mounted on a basement concrete floor.


Thoroughly look over your heating oil tank itself, too. Look for rust, dents, oil stains and any signs of settling or tilting. These are all indicators of present or future problems.

Other Tips

If you’ve recently purchased a home with a heating oil storage tank, you will also want to make sure it is in an area protected from falling ice and strong winds. And your oil tank maintenance checklist should also include assuring that access to the fill pipe has not become overgrown or blocked during the off-season. Mark the fill pipe’s location so it can be easily spotted by the delivery person.

If properly mounted and maintained, your home heating oil storage tank will last a long time. While there is no absolute time frame for heating oil tank replacement, a periodic visual inspection is strongly recommended to avert problems that could potentially shorten a tank’s lifespan. Inspecting your above ground oil tank or below ground tank site at the beginning and end of the heating season is a good habit to develop.

If you do suspect an oil leak or spill, immediately contact your oil company and/or your local fire department for assistance. Tevis Energy cares about your safety. Our expert professionals are here to help you with all your home heating oil questions. Don’t delay. Call today!

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