End the season with a full tank of heating oil?


Yes! And not because we want you to buy more heating oil than you need, but because it helps protect your tank and heating oil system over the summer. Here’s why.


As outside temperatures warm up, oil tanks experience greater temperature fluctuations which will pull moisture from any air inside your oil tank and cause condensation to accumulate on its inside walls. Of course, the more oil there is in your tank, the less surface area there is inside for condensation to form! Unshaded outside tanks that take on direct sunlight are especially prone to condensation.

Why is condensation bad? Condensation is water, and because it’s denser than heating oil, it settles to the bottom of your tank. There, tiny micro-organisms that always seem find their way into everything, even heating oil tanks, begin to breed. These organisms live in the water, and as they multiply and die off, they create sediment which can build up and clog fuel lines and the burner nozzle. At the very least, this will cause the system to operate inefficiently. At the very worst, it can even cause your heating system to fail. A repair bill usually comes along soon after. Not good.

As if that’s not bad enough, sediment also has a corrosive effect on a fuel oil tank. The sediment, still containing water, causes the tank to rust from the inside out. This can seriously weaken your tank. Considering that one gallon of heating oil weighs approximately 7 pounds, a 150-gallon delivery weighs over 1,000 pounds! Why take the risk? An extra heating oil delivery at the end of the season is worth the cost to help minimize condensation and the damaging corrosion it can cause. And with the ECOPlus additive that Tevis Energy mixes into its heating oil, the fuel oil will still be as good the following season as the day it was delivered.


Whether it’s low sulfur heating oil or BIOHEAT™ renewable heating oil, Tevis buys only the highest quality heating oil, and then improves it by fortifying every gallon with a product called ECOPlus, which works to protect your system and tank. And it produces MORE heat with LESS oil, and FEWER emissions! How does it protect your system? It’s a fuel stabilizer that helps the oil last longer and give great performance, no matter how long it has been in the tank. It disperses condensation and also acts as a detergent that helps keep your burner nozzle clean. And a clean nozzle produces cleaner and more efficient combustion. And because our fortifier has been improved over the years, we have given it a Watch our fuel quality video and check out the benefits!


Now that you know the dangers of condensation build-up in less than full oil tanks, you also know that a healthy tank is an important part of your heating system. Tevis service techs inspect the basement and aboveground tanks during your annual tune-up. Tevis oil drivers also keep a watchful eye when delivering to tanks they can see. And while you can count on Tevis Energy to let you know if we see signs that your tank is weakening, we also know that once that process begins, a tank can quickly become unusable.

So, if it’s time to replace your heating oil tank, NOW is a great time to take a proactive approach to oil tank replacement. NORA (National Oilheat Research Alliance) is offering a $250 rebate on oil tank replacements, starting March 1, 2016. This rebate is being offered to heating oil consumers in Maryland and Delaware on a first-come-first-served basis until all of the funds have been exhausted. It’s difficult to find information about this program online, so please contact us if you need to be referred to a company that can replace your heating oil tank.

Now is also a great time for your end of season heating oil fill-up. Prevent tank corrosion and sediment build-up for a more efficient, longer-lasting heating system. Besides, home heating oil prices are very cheap right now!

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