Tevis Bioheat


Few people argue the need for effective, clean, domestic, renewable energy.  Sound too good to be true?  Introducing Bioheat® fuel, the evolution of oilheat.

Bioheat® fuel is simply Tevis’ lower-sulfur heating oil with 5% biodiesel. It’s a small step that is making a big difference!

  • Safe! Bioheat® fuel is UL-approved for use in any oilheat system. No system modifications are needed.
  • Effective!  Bioheat® fuel has the highest heat output of any renewable heating fuel, giving you the same satisfying warmth as oilheat.
  • Clean!  Bioheat® fuel has lower emissions and is better for the environment and your system. A clean system uses less energy and costs less to operate.
  • Renewable!  Made from soybeans and other organic feedstock, Bioheat® fuel meets the EPA’s renewable fuel standard.
  • Affordable!  Tevis’ Bioheat® fuel is priced the same as our standard lower-sulfur heating oil. MD residents are also eligible for an additional 3 cent per gallon tax credit.*
  • Job-creating!  Biodiesel has created 35,000 new American jobs in its production alone.

*Please note, the link to form 500CR may be broken on the website.  Form 500CR is needed in addition to the Bio-Heating Oil Income Tax Credit form.  Links to both are provided here: MD Tax Form 500CR and Bio-Heating Oil Income Tax Credit.

Tevis Energy is proud to be one of the few fuel companies in Central Maryland to offer BIOHEAT® heating oil as an option to its oil customers!