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Even Cleaner, No Extra Charge!

Few people argue the need for effective, clean, domestic, renewable energy.  Tevis Energy is proud to be one of the few oil companies in Central Maryland to offer Bioheat® heating oil as an option to our customers!

Bioheat® oil blends 95% of our regular Lower-Sulfur Heating Oil with 5% biodiesel, meaning you still get great efficiency and these benefits, too:

  • Safe! Bioheat® fuel is UL-approved for use in any oilheat system. No system modifications are needed.
  • Effective!  Bioheat® fuel has the highest heat output of any renewable heating oil, giving you the same satisfying warmth as regular oilheat.
  • Clean!  Bioheat® fuel has lower emissions, which is better for the environment and your system. A clean system uses less energy and costs less to operate.
  • Renewable!  Made from soybeans and other organic feedstock, Bioheat® fuel meets the EPA’s renewable fuel standard.
  • Affordable!  Tevis’ Bioheat® fuel is priced the same as our standard lower-sulfur heating oil. MD residents are also eligible for an additional 3 cent per gallon tax credit.*
  • Job-creating!  As a domestic product, biodiesel has created 35,000 new American jobs in its production alone.

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