Heating Oil


Tevis Lower Sulfur Heating Oil

Lower heating oil costs begin with conservation and quality, and Tevis’ fortified Lower-Sulfur Heating Oil gives you both!

Enjoy More Heat with Less Oil!  See how in the video below.

When used consistently in a properly maintained oilheat system, Tevis Lower-Sulfur Heating Oil helps you use 5%-9% less oil.  At today’s heating oil prices, that is a difference you’ll notice!  You’ll also save on maintenance costs, because lowering sulfur content significantly lessens the build-up of sulfur residue inside your system. 

We add powerful fuel stabilizers to our oil as well.  We ensure your heating oil stays fresh and burns clean!

Because Tevis’ Bioheat® fuel is a blend of our Lower-Sulfur Heating Oil and soy biodiesel, it provides the same benefits.  Learn more about Bioheat® oil.  

We also deliver kerosene for home heating if it works in your system.

With Tevis, your system will perform better, require less maintenance, and produce more heat with less oil!  And that saves you money!